International Finance Law Strategist: Sam Tabar

In today’s world, international finance is becoming harder to understand than ever. International finance involves various financial markets, understanding how one market influence another, and how different cultures impact the international market. However, Sam Tabar is one of the few people who has mastered and conquered every aspect of international finance. Sam Tabar is well educated on matters of international finance from some of the world’s prestigious colleges and university. Every place that Sam has worked at, he has been a key player that has enabled him to accomplish a lot that many people only dream of doing.

Sam developed an interest in the financial market and investing when he was a student at Oxford University. While pursuing his Bachelor’s degree, his interest in investing grew more than ever. After graduating from Oxford University, Sam decided to pursue a degree in law. He enrolled at Columbia Law School, where he concentrated on the legal side of financial management. While studying law, Sam was the Associate Editor of the University of Columbia Business Law Review. As an editor, Sam used the opportunity to learn more about the various laws that have an impact on both national and international finance.

Despite graduating from Columbia University at a young age, Sam was able to put his talent to work by working with well-known international law firms. His knowledge of international finance expanded as he continued to work with international clients on issues such as employment issues, hedge fund structure, regulation and compliance and capital structure. After much thinking, Sam decided to leave his promising career in law behind and focus on international hedge fund management.

Working with PMA Investment Advisors in 2004, Tabar successfully established himself as a financial investor. Using his competent communication skills he had acquired over the years, Sam was able to build a team of over 2,000 qualified and experienced investors for his $ 2 billion hedge fund. Sam also worked with other institutional investors and other promising clients. Sam played a great role in helping PMA raise more than $1.2 billion in additional properties. Sam later worked with Stints with Merril Lynch, where he was able to work with international clients from Asia.


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