Raising Your Children with More Freedom Can Get You in Trouble with the Law

A family in Maryland is facing child endangerment charges for letting their own children walk to and from a park about a mile away from home. In Silver Spring, Maryland, it is deemed to be neglect for a parent to let any child under the age of 18 be outside while not supervised. To call this child protection run amok is an understatement.

Those of us who are in our forties or older remember a different day when it came to how we lived as children. When I was 14, I remember taking a bus to a mall in another town with a friend my age. We were going to an arcade to play video games, and it was just the two of us. Apparently, in some localities this would be illegal today. There seems to be a general attitude that outside the front door of our homes is such a dangerous place. This is actually not true. A big difference between when those of us a little older were raised and today is that there were no 24 hour cable networks inundating us with news of every kidnapping or act of some pervert that may have occurred on the other side of the country, but we hear about it in our 24/7 information age like it happened across our street. As Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG understands, people in the world today, especially those of us in developed countries, live in one of the safest ages of humanity. Too bad we are all so frequently bombarded with all the bad in the country that we are inundated into believing the opposite, and it is our over-protected kids who suffer.

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