Girl Scout Show Their True Colors

It’s that time of the year again, Girl Scouts loom at every corner peddling their delicious wares. Unsuspecting pedestrians are lured in by their adorable faces and timeless varieties of cookies. TheRealDeal reported that typically the money raised by this annual fundraiser are used to support each troupe’s activities for the year. A group of Girl Scouts from Ohio were planning to have a spa day in celebration of a successful fundraiser but when they heard about the plight of an elderly woman who had lost her home and everything in it to a fire they knew what they had to do. The gracious girls gave $500 to Mrs. Dolan and in their giving gave up the day they had been looking forward to. Not only was Mrs. Dolan’s family so touched by the generosity shown to the woman but so were the girl’s parents. A local spa agreed to donate their services so the girls can have their spa day after all but getting a day of pampering is not enough for these little ladies, they have set up a page for Mrs. Dolan to help her get back on her feet. You go girls.

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