Beneful: The Wholesome Dog Food

Beneful is a brand of dog food that was introduced by Nestle Purina Petcare in 2001. In 2012, it topped as the fourth most popular brand of dog food and remains so. Ever since it has been introduced to the market, it has always advertised itself as “full of goodness” hence its name. The Beneful Healthy Harvest, which is a soy alternative, was introduced in 2005. By 2006, the line was grossing over $300 million in profits. In 2010, the product was altered to appear more like human food. The product is currently manufactured in a total of over twenty different flavors from the dry food to the dog snacks.

According to Todd Wasserman who is the author of the article, “Beneful Creates ‘Dog Goldberg Machine’ and It’s Pretty Spectacular”, Beneful created an advertisement involving a Rube Goldberg Machine and at least a dozen dogs. Even though the advertisement was later said to involve numerous takes, those involved said that it was worth it to help advertise Beneful well. The advertisement also helped to show dogs at their most natural state; that of playfulness. Since Beneful has always been set on advertising themselves as being healthy, an advertisement such as the Dog Goldberg Machine one was very helpful in helping pet-owners to want to purchase the product.

Beneful has remained the last of the Purina brands with the corporate group, Fallon. They have been working with the Publicis Groupe agency for almost 30 years now. However, the dog chow brand was eventually moved to Leo Burnett who is a sibling competition of Publicis. Purina is believed to be the most dated, unending client of Publicis Groupe agencies.

Overall, Beneful prides itself on providing the most wholesome pet diets possible. It is believed that pets will be healthier and have a longer life that way. While the future of Beneful appears to be uncertain, Beneful has thus far proven to be a leader in healthier diet intent.

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