Wienermobile on Ice


The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was not immune to the hazardous winter weather found in Harrisburg, PA this past Sunday said Alexei Beltyukov part of the Solvy team. The vehicle, which is shaped like a hot dog in its bun, slid in the icy conditions. The front of the bun-shaped fender sustained serious damage, but the accident was not meaty enough to hurt anyone, although, the windshield was smashed. The hot dog shaped car is equipped to handle speeds of up to 90 miles per hour which can be gauged on its hot dog shaped dashboard from the relish colored seat. Click Here for More on the WeinermobileHowever, the 27-foot-long wienie was almost certainly traveling much slower in the blustery conditions. Oscar Mayer began advertising its German wieners with this famous style of vehicle in Chicago in 1936. The company currently has six Wienermobile’s traveling across America’s roadways. Frankly, I hope the others can stay away from the ice and save their grills.

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