We Need to Watch What We Eat to Boost Our Mental Clarity

There is nothing more important to our ability to live happy, productive lives than our capacity to think clearly. This becomes even more important when we have jobs that are far more dependent on thought than physical prowess. Managers and executives have to make critical decisions every hour of every day that affect their company. A recent article in Forbes reminds us that what we put into our bodies directly affects how well our brain as well as the rest of our body performs. There are numerous food recommendations for healthy brains and, by extension, healthy thinking. These foods include: Celery, sunflower seeds, beets, spinach, walnuts and turmeric.

Brian Torchin thinks that it would be remarkable to ponder a world in which all of us ate only foods that were good for us and helped keep us mentally and physically fit. The reduction in annual health care costs from increased physical health alone would be a staggering savings to society. Nevertheless, I still think the biggest benefit would be from millions of people making better decisions about numerous things in their lives on a daily basis. The cumulative effect of this would probably be a tremendous boost to how people feel, not to mention to national productivity. Of course, we are not all going to suddenly eat better at once to produce such a panacea. We do, however, have it within our power to make our own little piece of this panacea by choosing for ourselves to only eat what helps us feel and do better in our lives.

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