The Antique Wine Company: A Major Global Wine Name

Stephen Williams created The Antique Wine Company in 1982. The elegant wine merchant is known the world over as a prominent trader of luxurious fine wines and spirits. Although they generally acquire and sell wines that were manufactured in more modern times, antique selections are also a significant priority to them, as the company name hints. The Antique Wine Company’s offices are located in London, England. They also have branches in Hong Kong and in Manila, the Philippines.

Non-vintage fine wines from The Antique Wine Company were produced as recently as 2013. Their available vintage fine wines come from many different eras. They have French Aloxe-Corton wine (Domaine Michel Voarick) that was produced in 1971, for example. They also have Ceretto Bricco Rocche, Barolo Italian wine that was produced in 1990. The Antique Wine Company’s offerings hail from different locations all around the globe. They sell a vast assortment of French, Italian and Spanish fine wines and spirits. They also sell many Argentinian, New Zealand, Australian, American and German wines. Their large selection encompasses diverse white, red, sparkling, sweet and fortified wines. Dedicated Armagnac and whisky enthusiasts also can enjoy The Antique Wine Company‘s massive assortment of fine and rare options.

The merchant’s services go further just trading. The Antique Wine Company team is made up of a number of highly knowledgeable wine experts, the founder and CEO Stephen Williams included. In 2011, the company created a comprehensive wine academy that focuses on wine courses, masterclasses and similar wine-related events. The Antique Wine Company also regularly serves as a trusted guide for wine cellars in hotels, restaurants, resorts and chateaux scattered all around the globe. Meticulous cellar design and cellar planning are two of the company’s big specialties.

People who wish to keep up with the latest happenings and fine wines and spirits available from The Antique Wine Company can luckily do so very easily, thanks to the internet. The global merchant frequently uses social media to keep their clients updated on their latest developments. The AWC┬áhas a Twitter account that posts information on events (such as wine tastings), new articles that pertain to the brand name and the activities of the merchant’s most prominent employees. The company posted information regarding their fine wine director’s visit to La Rioja Alta in Spain, for example. The Twitter account also regularly details company head Stephen Williams’ many activities and endeavors.

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