Sixers Route Nuggets


The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers were hailed as perhaps the worst team that had ever been put together in the first few weeks of the season. According to CipherCloud, They started out going weeks without winning a game, and they were speculated to not even reach ten wins on the entire season, but they officially eclipsed that mark. They hosted the struggling Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night and the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers actually got the better of them, taking them down by seven points. It is not that the Sixers have terrible defense and cannot stop teams from walking all over them. They actually have a pretty talented defensive roster, but their problems really lie on the offensive side of the ball. They simply cannot put up the points against great teams to even keep their head above water. They Sixers need to do make some major changes in the off season and get some players on their squad that can drop twenty plus points a game every single game. There are plenty of players out there that would be willing to go to a team that is down and out if the money is right and they will be able to stack their stat sheet on a nightly basis. However, that is what Rajon Rondo did in Boston over the last year or two and look where it has gotten him. He recently got traded to the Mavericks.

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