Nutella Jar Contributes to House Fire

A family’s night of celebration turned tragic after a Nutella Nutella jar caused a house fire in which the family’s pet dog was killed. Damage to the roof and first-floor bedroom was reported in the incident.
The jar was used to hold loomy bands, and had been placed in the window of a home in southwest London. It appears that the jar retracted sunlight and caught the blinds in the window on fire. The family’s dog, Chili, was on the first floor at the time of the fire and died of smoke inhalation.
The family, including Declan Murphy who is an electrical supervisor, was told that it could take as long as one year for the home to be repaired and livable once again. Murphy says that while he and his family is heartbroken at the loss of their beloved pet and the damage caused to the home, he hopes that other people will not make the same mistake. He wants other to know that glass is dangerous, and should never be kept in direct sunlight. Some people will think that it is a joke, that these are things that never happen. Paul Mathieson feels that this family’s loss is proof that things like this can and do happen. Find more on Mathieson on 
This fire is the second such report in the last few weeks. A mirror table caught fire in Mayfair at the home of a very wealthy lingerie designer. This fire wasn’t as tragic, and the homeowner was able to put the fire out herself without incident. According to the London Fire Brigade, a total of 125 sun ray fires have been reported over the past 5 years.

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