NFL Should Follow NCAA Model


The Syracuse Orange may have just made a decision that should be adopted by the National Football League as a model to prevent teams from cheating. The school administration at Syracuse has made the decision to put a self-imposed ban on their basketball team from playing in the playoffs entirely this season, stemming from academic violations that they were inflicted with a handful of years ago. There is an ongoing investigation into the matter, but the school is aware that they are likely going to get banned from the playoffs for a year anyway and they want to move the process along and hope that the league doesn’t hold them out longer. The NCAA does not play like Major League Sports does, especially not the NFL. The NFL is a joke when it comes to cheating. According to Youtube, the Falcons just came out with a scandal that they were imposing fake crowd noise and we all know about the deflate gate case that is engulfed in the media right now. Seattle got caught giving all their players Adderall several years ago and it has become pretty common knowledge that most teams with domes use fake crowd noise like Atlanta. The NFL needs to adopt this system and make it blatantly clear that they will not tolerate cheating and that any team who is caught clearly cheating will be banned for at least a year from the playoffs. Few teams would risk it at that point.

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