Google Makes Major Step in Artificial Intelligence

One small step for computers, but it was a huge leap forward from where technology and artificial intelligence was to where it is now. That is after the most recent advance by the division of Google formerly known as DeepMind. Based in England, this company has actually invented a computer program that can learn independent of human interaction. Tested on old video games the engineers have said the computer program is actually able to learn and strategize on its own. Some have attempted to compare this to the computer program that played Chess known as DeepBlue that was created by engineers at IBM. The major difference is that in the IBM program its knowledge was all created from the rules of the game and strategies of “grand masters” as well as other chess champions.

Some would argue that this was the stepping stone that was needed to make the eventual moves toward cars that drive themselves or all of the other inventions thought of in science fiction television shows or movies. While others site the impending dangers and site the fears against artificial intelligence as examples in movies such as Terminator, I-Robot, or most recently in the movie starring Bruce Willis called “Vice.” Regardless of how it is looked upon by the average humans, it is still a significant engineering hurdle that has been overtaken. Bernardo Chua understands that, for now, Google is just pleased to have acquired the company that made the biggest leap forward with computer program technology.

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