DIY Teeth Straightening, The Kit’s in the Mail

If you always wanted straight teeth, but couldn’t afford braces, your answer may come in the mail. A do-it-yourself teeth straightening kit can be delivered to your front door via snail mail.
For $124.95, a kit will mailed out to you containing a detailed video of how to mix the enclosed putty and make an impression of your teeth. the impression is then returned by mail to the company and handed off to a dentist who then makes a 3-D model of your dental impressions.
Paul Mathieson has heard that the dentist who makes the 3-D model then contacts you and gives his recommendations for the best way to straighten your crooked mis-aligned teeth. If the invisible plastic aligner can straighten your teeth, then you can receive the series of progressive aligners to get the job done for a fraction of the price it would cost at your local dentist’s office.
Doug Hudson, one of four entrepreneurs who founded SmileCareClub and supplies the DIY teeth straightening kits, states that it shouldn’t have to cost a small fortune to straighten your teeth and insists that his clients are guided through the entire process. He seems to be onto something that makes his clients smile all the way to the mail box.

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