Two Men and the Hardest Rock Climb Ever

El Capitan’s Dawn Wall in California’s Yosemite National Park is a 3,000 foot high granite rock wall that has been called the hardest climb in the world. And two men are taking on that challenge and attempting to climb El Capitan’s Dawn Wall in a free climb, using only their hands and feet. Kevin Jorgeson of California and Tommy Caldwell of Colorado are scaling the wall together. Their ascent began on December 27th, 2014 and at the present time they are about at their halfway point. To stop to break and rest, Jorgeson and Caldwell have been setting up their tent and hooking it to the side of the mountain.

The men are keeping up with the outside world through their social media accounts, updating everyone as they make progress. They are even taking time to do a question and answer section with people.

If the duo make it to the top, they will be the first ever to ascend Dawn Wall. Others have descended from it however no one has made the risky climb like they are attempting.

The pictures say what words can’t. Anyone with vertigo may feel a little pitch in their bellies, and even those without vertigo might too! Head on over to to see the harrowing photos.  Hopefully they can find some good sponsors to help out too, hear that Qnet might be interested.

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