The Rebirth of Tom Rothman

Tom Rothman launches TriStar Productions for Sony

When Tom Rothman stepped down as co-chairman and CEO of the Fox Filmed Entertainment in January of 2013, he did more than abdicate for a life of endless rounds of golf. He left the company for which he had worked for eighteen years.

Beginning with his founding of Fox Searchlight, Rothman ushered Fox into a new golden age of success. Under his watch Fox produced Titanic, the X-Men films, Night at the Museum, the Ice Age series and Avatar. He also oversaw the rise of television stalwarts like Modern Family, Glee and Homeland. He is well known for being both creative and fiscally prudent. He was adept at turning out high concept films like Moulin Rouge and Black Swan while maintaining some of the best profit margins in the industry.

The Columbia-educated Rothman even hosted Fox Legacy, a long running television series about the making of classic films.

But at the beginning of 2013, he was a man with passion, talent and stellar credentials but no job. That changed eight months later when Rothman joined with Sony Pictures Entertainment to launch TriStar Productions.

It is a new, from scratch, division that is slated to produce up to four films a year. It will also create programs for Sony Pictures Television.

Rothman and company quickly created a noteworthy line-up of 2015 releases. Films are on their ways from award-winning directors Robert Zemeckis and Ang Lee – Rothman and Lee’s fifth collaboration. Meryl Streep will also helm Ricki and the Flash, and Maggie Smith will star The Lady in the Van. Upcoming films will also star Will Ferrell and Bridesmaids writers, Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo.

Rothman also has a reported excellent relationship with Steven Spielberg (having worked together on the as yet unproduced Robopocalypse) which could lead to future collaborations.

All in all, the future is looking bright for both TriStar Productions and its Chairman, Tom Rothman.

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