Sam Tabar Invests in Kickstarter Start-up Company THINX

According to PR Newswire, Sam Tabar, a prominent attorney and capital strategist, has announced his decision to invest in start-up company THINX through their Kickstarter campaign.

Tabar says that he was not looking for investments, but was attracted by the companies unique designs and the fact that their business model will make people think about how actions can have an impact on a global scale, as well as the philanthropic nature of the business.

THINX is a company that makes and sells uniquely designed underwear that is anti-microbial, absorbant, and stain resistant. It is designed to be worn when a woman is on her period or to protect against periods of incontinence. It is easily washable. The underwear that THINX designs and sells is lightweight, comfortable and stylish. It is also sold through their website.

In addition to selling this innovative, unique underwear, think has also created a innovative reusable product that is being given to women in Africa who might otherwise miss school or work while they are on their periods. For each pair of THINX underwear that is sold, the company is giving 7, washable, reusable pads to women and teenage girls in Africa. These woman are two poor to afford disposable sanitary pads and tampons, and would otherwise have to stay at home when they are on their periods. This revolutionary product is designed to change the lives of women in Africa and give them the power to change their lives.

The company was founded by a group of woman who were introduced to Sam Tabar by a mutual funds. After hearing about their company he decided to invest in it, in the hopes that it would catch on and make a difference.

For more on this story you can read about it here at PR Newswire where it was first reported.

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