Mark Ahn: A Voice For Biotech Resilience

Mark Ahn has 20 years of diversified experience in the biotech pharmaceutical industry. Professionally, he has served in capacities as entrepreneur, consultant, and executive. Presently, Ahn is a founding principal of Pukana Partners, strategic consultancy for life science companies.

Recently his comments on biotech companies were noted by The Street and PR Newswire nearly simultaneously.

His observations indicate frequent occurrences of what are termed disruptive innovations. This is where a biotech concern has a product idea seen to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. Innovations require funding, and often several rounds of funding before final approval is determined. He also notes that the nature of the industry encompasses a high degree of regulation. Accordingly, regulatory measures coupled with disruptive innovations are two ongoing activities in this industry.

Ahn postulates that formulating a strategic plan is first and foremost. The plan needs to consider both long-term and short-term measures, and ensure a solid dynamic of resilience. Ahn sees the disruptive innovations like winds which can side-track one from the current product or idea being developed.

His approach also entails forming ties with research alliance, and acquire small investments in a wide range of small companies. Wade through the phases and funding cycles until a product or idea gain legitimacy in the scientific community. This will help forward the product or idea to the eventual commercial market as its value has firm support behind it. This approach is seen as far more certain than having efforts and investment ride on one single product or idea.

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