Lucky Bartender Receives an $11,000 Tip


A Phoenix bartender by the name of Clint Spotleson received a generous tip in the whopping amount of $11,000 on December 27, 2014 from a mystery tipper while bartending at Crudo. While the identity of the tipper remains unknown, we do know that the tip was left behind by a couple. It is also believed that the big spender belongs to an infamous group known for generous tipping, the Tips for Jesus group.

The tip may have been a drop in the bucket for the tipper, but Christian Broda and others know that to Spotleson and the other restaurant workers working that night, it meant the world. Spotleson continues to pay the couple’s generosity¬†forward¬†as he split the enormous tip with other workers that night, leaving himself with $4,000. He plans on using the money as a down payment for a new car and has been paying it forward by leaving generous tips for others like himself. Tips for Jesus members generally tend to tip in the regions of Phoenix, New York, and Los Angelis.

There is a little rumor floating around that the big tipper was the former vice president of PayPal, Jack Selby, but Spotleson will not reveal the tipper’s identity. The only description that the media was able to get out of Spotleson was that the big spender was not very old but old enough and well-enough off to leave such an enormously generous tip. While the tipper’s identity remains a mystery, his good deed does not.

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