Keith Mann: A Respected Business Leader

Keith Mann, the Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners, understands the importance of making a good first impression in business. His career demonstrates his interest and concern for effective leadership in global financial markets.


The Exciting World of Financial Markets and Hedge Funds


Mr. Mann began his career a number of years ago as an investment banker. He worked for a company called Dynamic Associates, rapidly attaining the level of Vice President. This experience offered him many valuable insights into the fast-paced, exciting realm of investment banking, hedge funds, global trade and business management.


A few years later, Keith Mann helped co-found Dynamic Search Partners. The company, which he presently manages, functions as an important staffing firm. It supplies temporary personnel to assist business enterprises in New York City and many other locations. Recently, the firm expanded its role into the executive search field. Today, the company often refers qualified executives to many leading Wall Street firms.


Assisting a New Generation of Business Leaders


According to, Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners worked closely with Uncommon Schools in New York to help many high school students gain an introduction to employment and career-related issues. Keith Mann and several of his colleagues from Dynamic Search Partners visited the Crown Heights Charter School. They participated in two workshops that focused on providing young people with the presentation and resume writing skills they required in order to apply effectively to academic institutions.


The members of the Dynamic Search Partners team briefly addressed students, indicating the type of information prospective employers and school admissions counselors might consider useful during a typical resume evaluation. The also responded to student questions, and provided individualized advice designed to help the young people gain confidence and enhance their resume presentation. This type of highly focused assistance can greatly augment an application, by alerting students to possible issues that require clarification and by pointing out important skills and work experiences that should be mentioned in a resume.



Keith Mann’s concern in assisting young college applicants as they prepare application resumes reflects his broader commitment to the field of executive leadership and business management. His company makes a significant contribution to the business community.

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