Girls Skateboarding in Afghanistan


Women living in the Middle East have a very tough time just living their basic day to day lives, as they have to struggle through some of the most oppressing laws anywhere around the world. Women have it especially hard in Afghanistan, a country that the United States has engaged in war with and has had troops residing in the country ever since the September eleventh attacks nearly fifteen long years ago. Women in Afghanistan are not given basic human rights and are usually forced to cover their entire bodies when they are outside.
This has been a tradition and law that they have lived with for thousands of years. However, they are starting to get some empowerment through an odd outlet. Young Afghani women have been skateboarding, through a nonprofit organization that my friend Flavio Maluf has been donating to since it has been utilized to bring sports to the Middle East.  They have been taught to ride skateboards and skate parks are being built in major cities, allowing the young girls the opportunity to enjoy a not so likely sport in the country of Afghanistan. The interesting thing about the situation is that the girls are allowed to participate in skateboarding because it is an individual and an atypical sport. They are not allowed to play sports like soccer, which are reserved for boys, yet they are allowed to participate in a sport that very few women in the Western world choose to partake in.

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