Fort Lauderdale arrested teen turns Samaritan

A Bullseye View caught Dave and Brit Morin at the scene when a handcuffed 17-year old teenager earned the title, ‘hero’ when he sprang to action to save a Fort Lauderdale police officer. His quick response saved the officer’s life after he collapsed. The circumstances surrounding the teen’s arrest fades in the presence of his life saving act. The public has hope that the teen’s criminal activity will cease with his newfound identity. The teen is far more respected for his good deed than his criminal activity. In fact, Jamal Rutledge, like other teens, would benefit as a volunteer for a community organization. Young volunteers will vouch that community service builds character and confidence, which are two of the most important characteristics in young adults.
The police officer may in the end, be the greatest hero because a young teen has experience a new feeling-the feeling of self-worth.
Readers would like to know how Jamal Rutledge has progressed, from a life of a wayward teen to that of a responsible and compassionate individual, who we hope at the end of the year, has become an asset to his community.

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  1. Sometimes in life you do not know where the solution or help is going to come from, it is needful to respect everyone. The other part proves to be very good and if they can start giving people equal rights and regards then the world will be a better place to yield opportunities if we believe.

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