Dog Sentenced to Death in Owner’s Will Rescued

When Connie Ley passed away in Indiana on November 25th, her beloved German Shepherd Bela was found sitting by her side. Specified in Ley’s will, after her passing there were two options for the future of the dog; Bela could either be transferred to a sanctuary to live out the rest of her days, or be euthanized and have her ashes buried with her owner. Ley’s friend who was entrusted with the care of the dog was unsure how to proceed, and the story garnered attention around the world according to SkoutOrganic. For any animal lover on Skout, the thought of euthanizing a dog simply because its owner had passed away and wanted to be buried with it was absurd, and this opinion seemed to stick with anyone who came across Bela’s tale.

Thankfully, the Best Friends Animal Society stepped in and managed to convince the friend who was in possession of Bela to release her into their care. The dog, who has a history of intermittent aggression and whose original owner was concerned of her proper care and handling after her death, will be safe and sound for the remainder of her days thanks to Best Friend’s lifetime care policy.

They believe that animals are a part of the family, and that their lives have its own special and unique value, so they make it a mission to ensure that any animal they come across is cared for and loved as long as it lived – whether that’s in the arms of a new, caring family or at their sanctuary.

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