Christopher Cowdray is a Leader in Hospitality

Calling Christopher Cowdray a success would be an understatement. Cowdray has achieved many accomplishments in the hospitality industry. With an undergraduate degree in hospitality and a business degree from Columbia, Cowdray’s education was crucial in his career path.

Cowdray’s experiences span several continents, as he has managed hotels in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. With more than three decades of experience, it seems only natural that Cowdray would be suited for an executive position. In 2004, The Dorchester Hotel named Cowdray as a general manager. It didn’t take long for the hotel group to realize the value that Cowdray brought to the company, and he was promoted to chief executive officer of The Dorchester Collection in 2007. Under Cowdray’s direction, the hotel collection was able to add additional properties in 2008. Prior to his time with Dorchester, Cowdray served as a director for London’s Claridge’s hotel.

Cowdray’s achievements in the hospitality industry have not gone unnoticed. In 2013, Christopher Cowdray was selected for a prestigious lifetime achievement award at the European Hospitality Awards. A panelist of judges selected Cowdray for the award based on his extensive experience and success in the hospitality industry.

Along with managing the luxury hotels, Cowdray has also taken an active role in overseeing hotel restorations and designs. Cowdray has commented on the need to be sure that each hotel has an individual design and personalized decorations. Cowdray has spoken out on the importance of customer feedback and has paid careful attention to maintain excellent levels of service at his hotels. He has also worked to provide a variety of quality dining options in his hotels.

Cowdray has found great success, and it appears to be a combination of factors that led to his achievements. His combination of experience and education have served him well. His attention to detail makes sure that each hotel has a personality and offers an exceptional experience to each guest. Cowdray has proven that he can lead a global company and achieve success and growth.

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