Things Not To Say To Someone Who Is Crying

When someone is crying in front of you, there are certain things that you shouldn’t say to them. Bruce Levenson knows this. Many people try to fix the fact that someone is crying, or they can make empty headed remarks, ask stupid questions, or just make the person feel worse by being inquisitive. Crying. If you’re truly trying to help someone feel better when they are crying, there are questions that you just shouldn’t ask, or things that you shouldn’t say. One of the worst things to say to someone who’s crying is that you know how they feel, then go right into talking about yourself.

This statement may seem helpful, but in a way it’s selfish, and only refers back to your problems, and not the problems at hand with the person you’re trying to help. Never ask the question “what’s wrong,” because it’s unlikely that you’re going to get a true response. They may brush off your question and say that nothing is wrong. Another thing to never say, is to tell someone to just stop crying. It’s like you’re asking them to just not have feelings, to just not be heard, or to just not be human, which is unrealistic.

Other things you shouldn’t tell them, is that they’ll get over it, or it could be worse. Both of these statements minimize what they’re going through, and are not helpful, but it’s actually a mean, and a careless statement to say to someone who’s crying.

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