Indonesian Ex-Addict Helps Others

David Gordon battled with drug addiction for fifteen-years; the Indonesian man started his habit by using marijuana and soon turned to heroin. During his battle with addiction, Gordon went through a series of jail stays. 

When Gordon decided to turn his life around and leave drugs in his past, he realized that he wasn’t alone in his struggles. Drug addiction is a growing problem in Indonesia, and Gordon decided to reach out to others by volunteering at the government hospital, which offered the only drug recovery center in the country at that time. 

In 1996, Gordon and his wife joined forces to start the Yakita Foundation, one of the only non-government run drug programs in Indonesia. Gordon’s wife, Joyce, translated the alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous material so that it could be used among the Indonesian people who were struggling with addiction. 

Through the last eighteen years, the Yakita Foundation has continued to expand to reach as many people as possible and help them through the problems their addiction has caused. Programs include drug recovery, prevention, and training. 

Dr. Rod Rohrich says that while the Indonesian drug problem continues to grow, David Gordon won’t give up. He remembers when someone offered to help him, and he intends to keep doing the same for other suffering addicts. 

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