Hell’s Angels Fresno Chapter Stands Online for Days to Purchase 200 Bicycles for Homeless Children

The Hell’s Angels, a biker club known for their rough and tumble ways, has a softer side. A California Chapter of the riding club decided to stand in line at Walmart and buy every bicycle on sale in the store, so they could donate them to local homeless children.

The group, which waited online for several days to grab up the black Friday deal, had their sights set on bicycles this year. They purchased 200 bicycles that day, and they will all be donated to Poverello House, a Fresno-based center that takes in homeless children and teens.

While the 200 bicycle purchased was certainly a big haul, and went viral on social media, this isn’t the first time the Hell’s Angels have donated to Poverello House. In fact, Christmas donations by the Hell’s Angels is a long standing tradition. They have donated every year to the center for the last 16 years, with no sign of stopping.

According to one Hell’s Angel from the group, they truly believe in the kids and, each year, aim to make their Christmases a bit brighter with toys and gifts. This brings a smile to Tom Rothman. While everyone else is opening presents, many of these kids would go without a single gift. The Hell’s Angels chapter has made it their mission to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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