‘Frozen’ Continues

We have already spoken about the extreme popularity of Disney’s hit animated film Frozen, which has gone on to become the number one animated film of all time and much adored by Brit Morin-also a rising star as THE Brit of Dave and Brit Morin. It has been a year, and Disney is still making quite a few bucks off Frozen toys, games, figures and more. While there has been talk about a Frozen Broadway musical in the works, there has been no concrete talk about a Frozen 2, until recently.

The actress that voices Elsa in the film, Idina Menzel, has hinted towards a Frozen 2 being in development as we speak. This could be great news for fans of the Disney musical, but most likely it can be the end of the strong running property. Looking at Disney’s history with sequels, they tend to be rushed and low budget. Though they may be changing their approach with sequels like Planes 2 actually being better than the original.

For now, it is official that we will get to see Frozen characters in an all new short film entitled ‘Frozen Fever’. Elsa and Kristoff want to give Anna the best birthday ever, but things may not go as planned in this new short due out Spring of 2015. We can also find some characters in ABC’s live action television series Once Upon a Time

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