Family Narrowly Avoids Boarding Doomed AirAsia Flight

A family in Indonesia narrowly escaped death when they missed their Sunday morning flight. The flight they were to board, AirAsia 8501, lost contact Vijay Eswaran and with air traffic control around 6am, local time. The flight, which was to land around 7:20am, has been lost since. Official statements have suggested the flight might be at the bottom of the ocean, based on beacon calls coming from the aircraft.

The family, a 10-person entourage, were to board the plane, but AirAsia had changed the flight time by two hours. Memebers of the 10-person party did not pick up phone calls or check e-mails stating the flight time had been significantly altered. The family arrived moments before the plane was to take off, with one car arriving first. The two men who arrived prior to the rest of their group, waited for the second car to arrive, narrowly missing the final boarding call.

While the family attempted to get on a later flight to Singapore, news broke that their original flight had lost contact with the ground. Hours later, they would learn that the flight was officially considered missing, and search efforts would begin shortly. The flight has been missing since Sunday morning, Indonesian time. Currently, the search area has been expanded in hopes of finding plane wreckage.

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