Andre 3000 Vents His Feelings About Tour


Andre 3000, who is one half of the group Outkast, has recently done an interview, venting his true feelings about the reunion tour. Outkast hasn’t performed in about 10 years now, and many fans anticipated a return of the group. Andre From Outkast. They are currently doing a reunion tour, and Andre 3000, stated that it’s not something he wanted to do it all. In the show, Andre came out with a tag wrapped around him that said “sold out,” and many wondered what it meant.

Andre had intended for the tag to mean exactly what it said, because he felt he sold out and went on a tour that his heart was not into. He felt like all the songs were old, and because he hadn’t performed in 10 years, that people might feel he was just doing it for the money. He said he felt like a sellout, so he wore the tag to show his displeasure with his choice to regroup, and perform the group’s previous songs.

Since he also felt that his fans in the audience may be feeling the same way he did, he felt he’d rather be in on the joke, and wear the sign, than not to wear it. Bruce Levenson remembers when the group rose to fame doing rap music, many years ago, and still are hailed as one of the best rap groups to date. They also created a movie in the past as well.

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