Your Exercise Routine Can Determine Your Fitness Age

We’ve all seen those online quizzes that purport to give you your “real age” based on a list of questions about your attitudes and health behaviors. But have you figured out your fitness age yet?

Your fitness age may not be your chronological age. In fact, it could be a number of years higher or lower, depending on just how well your body uses oxygen. Scientists in Trondheim, Norway have developed the concept based on cardiovascular fitness. The jury is still out on just how much your fitness age could help determine the length of your life, but the good news for everyone is that fitness age is something you can work to improve.

Although the people involved in the study in Norway went through extensive testing on treadmills, researchers have developed an online tool that can help you determine where you’re starting from by having you answer just a few questions about your current exercise routine, resting heart rate, and a few other factors.

You can find the fitness calculator at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology website, and let the results inspire you to greater exercise and a lower fitness age.

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