Women Make Gains In Congress, But Not Enough

This week’s elections bring 100 women to Congress. Never before has such a large number of women occupied the most coveted offices in Washington.

However, is this enough?

Considering that the United States is represented by 435 representatives and 100 senators, and that not even 20% of those leaders are women, the answer is no – we don’t have enough women in Washington.

If women are truly to be viewed as equal to men in all arenas, including the political, there needs to be more even representation at the highest levels of office.

There are several reasons for this lack of female leadership.

Firstly, it takes millions of dollars to run for office these days, and men are much more likely than women to be able to front that money and to be willing to do so.

Secondly, women are more likely to enter politics later in their careers than men. If women wait to run for office only after they are first successful in a later career, the numbers just don’t work in their favor.

Unfortunately, recent years have proven that it is quite difficult to accomplish things in such a deeply divided government. As a result, many women turn to making a difference in other fields.

So we’ve made some gains, but Brad Reifler and I aren’t totally convinced that we’ve come far enough.  But there is a sign here that the times are changing!

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