Unmanned K-Max Helicopter Demonstrates Firefighting Capabilities

Fire disasters happen all the time, and as such it is important that it is stopped in less time to prevent more damage. This is especially vital to drier regions, which are more susceptible to these kinds of disasters.

Fires can erupt in forests, which can be hard for the normal fire truck to fight it. They will need the help of helicopters equipped with all the necessary gear to fight the fire. Most of these helicopters will need a pilot with great skills who can carry the water and pour it on the fire directly.

All these pilots undergo training on how to deal with such conditions of work, and are trained in just what to do in times of greater distress and danger. History shows how much they have played an important role in making sure that the fires are contained.

Sometimes it can be hard to fly the helicopter to certain places probably because of the weather conditions and visibility. This is why they have introduced a new unmanned Helicopter called K-Max. Bruce Levenson feels like this can be a safer option to use.

This helicopter can operate as long as it has fuel to run. It is not like a human who might get tired after some time mess up. A human controller back at the control center flies the helicopter to the area with an ongoing fir, are then releases water.

So far all the tests on K-Max have been successful.

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