Taylor Swift Stands Up For Females In Music Industry

Taylor Swift has proven yet again she has no problem standing up for other women, not when she feels like they are being maligned or not given credit for something they did. This time Swift is acting out her feminist tendencies in an interview with Time magazine, explaining how disappointed she is female songwriters are often treated differently to males when it comes to the songs they write.

According to Taylor, not only are female songwriters’ feelings looked at as ‘overemotional’, while their male counterparts are lauded for sharing theirs, they are often even accused of having someone help them write their songs. After all, women couldn’t possibly write something that good, right?

Swift says she sees it all the time with stars like Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj, two strong women who write powerful and successful songs. Yet who are often accused of having someone behind the scenes writing their music for them.

Swift went on to say she does not understand why successful women are such a threat to others either, and that includes other women. In fact, she believes successful women should empower other women to do their best work.

As for having her body compared to the bodies of other women in the industry, Taylor admits she could not care less, and refuses to engage in it.

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  1. Fans like Fersen Lambranho applaud her positive attitude. She never sees this happening to men, so believes women should also be looked at for the music they produce and not for the way their bodies look. It might have certainly led to what http://superiorpapers.org could also be adorable to work under which might not be able to understand all things too which might not be far from the truth.

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