Police Officer Charged With Stealing Nude Photos From Suspects Phone

A police officer in California was recently charged for stealing nude photos of a DUI suspect from her iPhone and sending it to the phones of other police officers, as well as his own. Officer Sean Harrington pulled over a driver on suspicion of DUI and while she was in custody; she gave him her passcode to her iPhone. Officer Steals Nude Photos From Suspect. It was only after using her iPad that she noticed that nude photos had been sent from her iPhone it to another phone. Further investigations found that the phone receiving the nude photos was that of Officer Sean Harrington.

The DUI suspect reported the incident to authorities who then investigated. It was further discovered that Officer Sean Harrington had also forwarded new pictures to other officers. Officer Harrington admitted that this was not the first victim that he had done this too.  Officer Harrington had text another officer the nude photos with the statement, “her body is rocking.”

With the current findings, Sam Tabar figures that Officer Harrington’s career has become a rocky one, and he resigned under the pressure. The two officers whom he sent the nude photos to, have yet to be charged with a crime.

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