New U.S. Travel Screenings In Response To ISIS Threat

As the United States wages an air campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, other domestic measures are taken to stop this terror group. New travel regulations are in effect for travelers who are entering the United States from Europe and Australia. There are fears that some members of ISIS might enter the U.S. in an attempt to strike Americans with terror. Traditionally, individuals from those parts of the world have never faced tough security screenings before boarding flights heading towards U.S. airports.

However, there are reports that ISIS militants might have multiple passports and aliases. In response to these reports, the department of homeland security is enforcing strict checks in order to catch ISIS fighters who might blend in with millions of tourists from western nations. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization will check the extensive background information of Europeans and Australians and look for suspicious activities in travel and work in recent times according to Brian Torchin.

The majority of foreign fighters in Syria come from Muslim nations in North Africa, the Middle East and southeast Asia. European officials have estimated that a few thousand radical Muslims have also left Europe to join the Jihad campaign in Syria and Iraq.

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  1. French and British citizens account for the largest percentage of foreign ISIS fighters who come from western nations. In fact, entry visas are not required for Europeans and Australians to visit the United States. It is the fact that most of what said are already fulfilling in their case.

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