Local Restaurant Gives Discount For Boxing Up Cell Phone

The cell phone problem has gotten out of hand big time. Sitting down to a nice dinner and its clear to see several people texting away while the ones they are eating with go hardly noticed. One restaurant is tired of the unsocial habits of today’s society, and Bruce Levenson says this can’t come soon enough. He is so tired of the cell phones and their interference that he will give customers 10% off their bill if they put their phones in a box.

While it’s a novel idea, some people aren’t willing to take him up on the offer, not even for 10% of. The servers at the Sneaky’s Chicken restaurant go around and collect all the cell phones from willing customers. If they oblige, they get the discount. The idea was a drastic measure to help people think about what this generation is lacking in as far as social skills. More than 99% of the customers are happy to accommodate, but that 1% who still can’t give up their phones could care less about the discount.

Though the program is only on Wednesday’s, it may be extended to other times during the week. Thanks to businesses like Sneaky’s perhaps more people will realize the value of talking in person rather than texting and emailing.

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  1. Some enjoy this new policy so much; they forget to take their phones with them. They have taken matters into their own hands. David Ferris of a Sioux City establishment has said enough is enough. It is clearly stated that http://nsw-writers.com/ can be so mean to them if the resist the urge.

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