Life Beyond Elections

Election day has come and gone. Now the conversations have turned as to how the officials that have been elected into office will effect the restaurant industry and food service as a whole. Many issues are at stake with the new elections and how they affect the bill at the end of the meal and the taxes attached to it are just a few.

Among the many issues that voters held in their control was and is the minimum wage. This particular issue will raise the minimum wage in many states and location to over $15 an hour. Others will see a less drastic increase that will push wages to about $8 to $9 an hour.

Another way in which the elections will affect the food industry will include the sales of alcoholic beverages. But Bruce points out until this election, many restaurants were capped at only being allowed to have 30 percent of their sales being in alcohol.

Paid sick leave is another aspect that will improve for food workers in the coming months. Now these workers can accrue up to 40 hours of sick leave that can be used when they are under the weather.

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  1. Madelynn Corey

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