Lesbian Couple Gets Married In Russia Despite Ban

A wedding between two young ladies in St. Petersburg has generated some major outrage in the Russian Federation. The dictator-like Putin and his minions have recently passed a series of anti-gay laws that has made Russia an increasingly homophobic nation. Irina Shumilova and Alyona Fursova tied the knot in an official wedding ceremony. Both brides wore traditional white dresses and carried floral decorations before sharing vows and signing some official paperwork. However, there is a slight twist to this controversial “unholy” matrimony. Irina was born a male and she’s been living as a transexual for most of her adulthood. By Russian law, she is still considered a guy and therefore it’s perfectly legal for her to marry another woman. Nevertheless, Irina plans on undergoing sexual reassignment surgery and make the full transformation to be legally recognized as female.

In 2014, an LGBT magazine, with a spread photographed by Terry Richardson, named the homophobic Putin as “person of the year” by adding a small touch of satire. Local politician Vitaly Milonov harshly condemned this wedding and has claimed that the two ladies are insulting millions of traditional Russian families. This is the type of attitude that is prevalent in the Russian parliament and even on the streets. There is a feeling that gay people somehow threaten the existence of traditional family values in Russia. That seems quite ironic for a country that has one of the highest divorce rates among heterosexual couples.

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