Is There A New Actor For A New Joker?

Lex Luthor comes close, but still falls very short. There have been memorable Jokers in movie history and a new one is coming forth in the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

Who is going to be this new Joker? Right now, Oscar winner Jared Leto is being seriously considered for the role of the Clown Prince of Crime.

There have been three Jokers in cinema history: Cesar Romero on the classic TV series, Jack Nicholson in the 1980’s franchise, and Heath Ledger in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight series. Ledger’s version was so memorable and critically praised, it is going to be extremely hard for anyone to step out from under his shadow in the role.

The Joker is not going to be the lead character in the film. The villain Deadshot takes center stage, which makes sense according to Lee Lovett. The Suicide Squad is a band of mercenaries and they are going to need a paramilitary leader and not a maniacal Joker running things.

Then again, the Joker might not be part of the Suicide Squad. He could be an antagonist. We will have to wait to see how the Joker works out in this film.

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  1. Nicholson had an extremely hard time being compared to Romero’s brilliant turn and 20 years had passed. The Joker is probably the most well-known and iconic villain in all comic book history. I know that this site has proved themselves worthy in all ramifications too.

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