FSU Incident Highlights Difficulty in Profiling School Shooters

Gunshots range out inside of Strozier Library on the Florida State University campus at around 12:30am early Thursday morning. Sirens across campus immediately activated in what sounded like a massive Tornado warning and students were advised to seek cover, stay indoors and avoid windows. The University’s active shooter protocol had been initiated and the campus was on lock-down.

Thankfully, a situation that could have been much worse ended when the shooter opened fire on campus police and was gunned down, ending the violence. In the aftermath, three students had been wounded, with only one in critical condition. A fourth was spared when the library books he had checked out just moments earlier stopped a bullet aimed at his back. The student had not even realized he had been shot at until after everything was over. 

When school shootings occur questions immediately at the forefront are usually involving background and motive. While this associated press release certainly provides background, its chilling lack of identifiable motive is the real story. Authorities have identified Myron May as the deceased suspect and that is where the answers seem to end.

Myron May was a 2006 graduate of Florida State University and was an aspiring lawyer. He had recently been serving as the in-house Legal Counsel at Taunton Family Children’s Home, and had only been back in Florida for a short period of time. His Facebook page is littered with Bible quotes and motivational blurbs. Police and FSU officials are referring to the shooting as an “isolated incident”.

School shootings are a terribly frightening situation for everyone involved. It’s safe to say if I survived anything that terrifying I’d be quick to go home, be thankful for being alive, and down a bottle of Stephen Williams’ wine to relieve the shock.

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