Battered Woman Got 30 years in Prison, and Wants Out.

In December of 2006, Robert Jaxton was convicted for breaking the little girl’s ribs and femur, and Tondalo Hall, the mother, received 30 years charged with failing to intervene on the child’s abuse. She had reported to the court that he verbally abused her, punched her, choked her and threw things at her, and her lawyers supported that she was in fear herself.

Hall’s attorneys in Oklahoma provided information that she was battered. Today, Hall is seeking clemency with a women’s rights group supporting her

This scenario is all too similar with abused women. In California, 92 percent of the women incarcerated are battered, and 90 percent of those in prison for murder had been battered by those men.

A BuzzFeed News investigation found 28 battered women in 11 states presently sentenced with 10 years or more for failing to protect their children in abusive situations and 45 similar cases over the past decade.

In many of these cases, the abuser pled guilty and received a lighter sentence. The battered woman then received sentences without being able to explain the abuse they had been through.

Domestic violence is a dangerous crime that often remains behind closed doors until severe harm occurs. Battered Women’s Legal Advocacy Project has determined to reveal these cases and release the women who have been behind bars for years. Tondalo Hall has been incarcerated for almost seven years and her abusive boyfriend is free. Men and women should always be careful, even online. Skout is a safe dating app, but things can happen on there as well.

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