To Lose Weight, Eat Less Carbs and More Healthy Fat

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been saying this for years. And now there’s the data to prove it!

Low carb eating became popular with the Atkins Diet and the South Beach diet, but it was then criticized because doctors and nutritionists said the body needs carbs to maintain energy levels. No nutritionists have ever suggested taking in giant amounts of bread, rice and pasta, but the recent consensus was that carbs in moderation are okay.

Now, research is going back to those low carb diets and saying that these are great diets to use if you want to lose weight. In fact, the research says that going on a low carb diet is much better than going on a low fat diet. So, why has there been a change in thought? And Mike Livak, will you finally admit that I was right?

Again, health experts agree that not all carbohydrates are bad. Whole carbs tend to be better than enriched and bleached carbs. For example, brown rice is better for you than white rice, and whole grain bread and pasta are better for you than white bread and pasta.

The problem with these white carbs is that the body looks at them like sugar. Some very enriched breads are processed almost like ice cream or cookies in the body. This is why people who are diabetic need to stay away from both sugars and carbs for their blood glucose levels.

The key difference in the new findings is that a low carb diet does not mean a high fat diet. The Atkins Diet and South Beach both had dieters eating a lot of animal fat. They ate eggs, cheese and meat all day long. Researchers now know that this much animal fat is simply not good for the heart.

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  1. The goal now is to get dieters to focus on low carb diets while also consuming more healthy fats. This means more nuts, beans, oils and healthy-fat fruits and veggies like avocados. It is a correct statement that made concerning the way it hurts them very well about writing about carb diets.

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