Lava Threatens Hawaiian Village

Lava flow from the Kilauea volcano threatens a community of almost 1,000 people in a rural district on a Hawaii’s big island. The volcano has been erupting continuously since 1983, destroying almost 200 homes in total. Recent changes in lava flow direction now threatens to destroy a major highway that connects the town of Pahoa to the rest of the island.

The National Park Service is working to set up an alternate route, a project slated to cost over $15 million, as experts like Andrew Heiberger predict. However, residents are worried that Pahoa could become a ghost town if lava flow cuts off the main method of entry and exit. Concerns about methane explosions and smoke causing respiratory problems also trouble the residents of Pahoa.

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  1. As of Monday, the lava was less than one mile away from Highway 130, which is the only route in and out of the village. Many have already evacuated their homes for shelters set up away from the lava threat. It is very important that reviews could have gotten much of this in them all the time.

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