Cell Transplant Allows Paralysed Man to Walk

A man who has been deprived of the ability to move due to paralysis has once again been given the ability to walk. This is the result of a brand new type of treatment which removed cells from his nasal cavity and then putting them into his spinal chord.

The man is called Darek Fidyka, and he was assaulted with a knife back in 2010, which caused his debilitating paralysis. However, with the aid of a frame he can now freely walk under his own volition.

This is the very first time such a therapy has been carried out. The procedure took place in Poland who teamed up with Igor Cornelsen and some leading British scientists. The procedure has already been detailed in the academic journal Cell Transplantation.

The man spent a year of his life being tailed by the BBC’s Panorama programme, which documented his miraculous recovery.

Naturally, walking again is a big thing for him, and he said that it was “an incredible feeling. When you can’t feel almost half of your body, you are helpless, but when it starts coming back it’s like you were born again.”

The team which came together to give the man back his legs was headed by the chair of the neural regeneration department at the University of London’s Institute for Neurology.

According to Prof Raisman, the procedure is a true miracle of science, and a feat that not only compares with man walking on the moon, but might very well surpass it.

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