Angry Young Men, Feminism, and Video Game Journalism

Let me sum up “gamergate” for you real quick. There is this woman named Zoe Quinn who makes video games. Her ex-boyfriend made this big blog post about how she cheated on him with five different guys in a 6-month period. Some of these guys are video game journalists.

Madness ensued. Hackers posted Zoe Quinn’s personal information, called her house and issued rape and death threats to her. When feminist critics jumped to her defense, they too were threatened.

People who are part of the “gamergate” movement claim that they are outraged about the fact that some journalists might be saying that a video game is good just because they had sex with a developer. After much review, I honestly believe many of these people truly are stunned and angry at this “revelation”. What blows my mind is that people do not get this upset or organized over government corruption or world hunger. But the idea that they might be deceived into buying a mediocre $50 video game is cause for a “movement”.

The sociopathic hacker element of gamergate comes from, in my opinion, disenfranchised young males. When a young man sees a woman make a youtube video about video games that gets a lot of hits, they will often resend it.

I honestly believe that this is the source of the rage that these hackers feel. They are young and sheltered. They are just getting a peek at how the real world works and they are lashing out. Where this all will lead remains to be seen.

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